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Welcome from Adobe Creek Danes.

My name is Sheila and my family and I live near Grand Junction in Western Colorado. Our beautiful area is surrounded by the Colorado National Monument, the Bookcliffs, and the Grand Mesa. I grew up in Wyoming and Colorado, with a brief stint in Montana. I love where we live and all the opportunities it provides.​

I was a hairstylist for 28 years and raised 3 boys. I enjoyed my work and it provided for our family. Now I am doing what I am truly passionate about, which is breeding Great Danes.​

When I purchased my first two Danes, I thought for sure I was ready to roll. But life doesn’t always go the way you plan. While doing the OFA health testing, one of our girls was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. My heart was broken for her and for me. I knew that to be the kind of ethical breeder I wanted to be, she could not be in my breeding program. So I had my melt down, regrouped, and decided to not let it break my spirit.

​I have done extensive research on the breed, spoken with other breeders, and continue to learn. I have been so fortunate to have mentors in the breeding world that have been so kind and willing to share their knowledge with me. Some started off as friends and others have become friends along the way and I truly appreciate them.​The European Great Dane is by far my favorite of the breeds. I love their blocky heads, stocky bodies, huge paws, and all-around goofy personalities . I breed for temperament, health, and confirmation. I want to do my part to better the breed.​

Our Danes live in our house with us on our two acre property. They get exposed to many things: my grandson, neighborhood kids, chickens, cats, other dogs, and numerous other sights and sounds.​

To ensure our puppies get the best start in life they can, I implement ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), Rule of Seven,  BAB and Puppy Culture methods.  Each of our babies will get their necessary vet exams and age appropriate shots before going to their new homes. Our contract has a two year health guarantee. They will also come with a gift bag to get you started and lifetime breeder support.

When you decide it is time for you to bring a precious new Dane home, I hope you will consider Adobe Creek Danes as your breeder.

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